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Feb 13

Somehow I Don’t Think This Is What Brach’s Had In Mind…

Size is not actual.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Size is not actual. Big bummer.

I saw these Create-Your-Own Large Conversation Hearts when I was at the grocery store over the weekend and instantly knew I couldn’t pass it up.  It was to be my Valentine’s Day project. Darn things are way too small.  I couldn’t fit “I prefer chocolate over your penis any day of the week” on the “large” conversation hearts.  Looks like someone isn’t being truthful about size.

Feb 09

InStyle Magazine: A Fickle Lover

In Style Valentine

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, guys (and some gals) all across  America will be begging their former partners to come back to them, to give ‘em one more chance to treat him/her like the prince/princess he/she is.  So imagine my surprise when I received this plea in my inbox today:

 Lisa?  Who’s Lisa?  Is she your special friend?  Why haven’t I met this “Lisa”?  Is she the reason you’ve been “working” late?  What’s that?  Oh, so now you want me back, huh?  Well, I didn’t know I had left.  Don’t I need to be a subscriber first, before you try to woo me?