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Jan 23

The Bachelor By the Numbers: Week Four

Tonight’s episode is brought to you by Park City, Utah – where a man can take 8 women on a group date and nobody bats an eye.

Thirteen women started the evening, but only 11 were there for the champagne toast at the end of the episode.  It was kind of a boring episode in that nobody needed medical attention and/or had a major meltdown.

Tonight’s award for dimmest contestant goes to Rachel, who is credited with such gems during her one-on-one date as “I haven’t felt this way since my last relationship,” “I love fresh air” and “Fire is hot.”  She spent the entire date virtually repeating everything Ben said.  An excerpt, from when they entered a dark place.

Jan 16

Bachelor by the Numbers

We’re down to 13, folks.  Shawntel, one of the finalists during Brad Womack’s season, crashed tonight’s cocktail party to win Ben’s heart.  But she went home empty-handed, along with two other women.  Ben didn’t give away the final rose.  In his defense, it was a “dramatic rose ceremony” (though not necessarily “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever”), what with a ghost from the past in the shape of a funeral director crashing the party and the law student passing out.   What did we learn tonight?  That women are super-catty when threatened.  (Way to reinforce the stereotype, girls!)  That a “leap list” is apparently something the kids are talking about these days.  (A “leap list” is a list of things one wants to do before reaching a milestone such as getting married or having children, as opposed to dying, which is a “bucket list.”)  And that San Francisco may or may not have an open container law that may or may not have been broken during Ben and Kacie B’s one-on-one walk during the group date.

Jan 14

Miss America doesn’t wear waterproof mascara…

Miss Illinois

You’d think by now that Miss America would have figured out by now that waterproof mascara is the way to go.  The contest has been around for 90 plus years.  But, no – she didn’t get the message.  2012’s Miss America was crowned tonight.  No spoilers here, but I will share the highlights.  The Miss America Pageant has been around since 1921, crowning young women selected to represent the country’s ideal.  What better place to host the pageant than the Las Vegas strip?  That place screams classy and girl-next-door.  This year, there were 53 contestants, which is confusing to me because I thought we had 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

Jan 09

The Bachelor is still ridiculous…


I wasn’t going to write about “The Bachelor” because enough ink has been spilled on this topic over the last ten years but I have to break my silence.  After three “at the end of the day”s in 15 minutes during episode one, I had to bring out my reporter’s notebook and really break things down.  After Alex, Aaron, Andrew, Bob, Jesse, Byron, Charlie, Travis, Prince Lorenzo, Andrew, Brad, Matt, Jason, Jake, Brad (again), and Ben…only one marriage has resulted from this (and it was to the runner-up, not the original girl Jason gave the final rose to).  I’m not even counting “The Bachelorette” (which has one marriage).  So, here’s my breakdown (get it? breakdown? Like on show, where there’s at least five every rose ceremony?) of tonight’s episode – by the numbers.

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