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Jun 11

The Bachelorette: Emily Finally Drops the F-Bomb, Ricki is a Chloe Bag and Shakespeare Rolls Over in His Grave

Photo courtesy of ABC

It’s finally here!  ABC has teased the hell out of it, essentially showing the entire thing in promos, but it’s here!  We’ve arrived at the week when Bachelorette Emily finally drops the F-Bomb and kicks a guy off the show.

First things first:  If you’re a guy and you think the other guys are on the show to be your friend, you’re an idiot.  They may be on the show for many reasons (finding love, their 15 minutes of fame, etc.), but making friends ain’t one of ‘em.  This whole Fratty McFrat situation has got to end.

Jan 21

If you’re being an ass, admit it

Not Me

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to blow off a little steam.  Why is it that when people are being assholes, they can’t admit it?  This week especially, it seems, the amount of asshole-ish behavior is at an all-time high.

Case in point:  The captain of the ill-fated cruise ship Costa Concordia reportedly told a magistrate that he didn’t abandon ship but in fact “tripped” and fell into a lifeboat.  So we’re supposed to believe that he “accidentally” saved himself and left thousands of passengers and crewmembers to fend for themselves?  Why don’t you just tell the truth and not make up b-s stories that nobody with ears will believe anyway?