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Oct 15

DWTS All Stars Week 4: The Dancers Were Uncomfortable and Paula Was (Almost) “Straight Up” Coherent

This week, Paula Abdul was a guest judge on Dancing with the Stars: All Stars.  In case you didn’t know, Paula choreographed for “all the big names” from the Jacksons to ZZ Top.  Wait, what?  ZZ Top?  Like choreographing for ZZ Top would be that difficult.  My grandma could choreograph for those bearded weirdos.

The stars had to perform dances picked for them by their competitors.  Most of the professionals were pretty uncomfortable and there were some tears.

Oct 08

DWTS All Stars Week 3: A Night of “Iconic” Dances, a Donkey Show that Wasn’t, and a Double Elimination. Ruh-roh.

This week on Dancing with the Stars, Tom Bergeron promised us two “bombshell announcements,” neither of which were really bombshells.  The first was that former “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul would be a guest judge next week.  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of a cluster that’ll be.   The second is that the all-stars will pick dance styles for each other to perform.  So, for the first time in history, strategy will play a role in ballroom dancing.

It’s a double elimination week and the “stars” were the creative directors for their dances.  That means they picked the “iconic” dance, the outfits, and any special effects (dance with a donkey, anyone?)