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May 27

A Night at the (Turtle) Races

Big Joe's Chicago, IL

I had been looking forward to the Turtle Races for months, ever since my friend Michelle told me about the bar that hosted it down the street from her husband’s old neighborhood.   We had planned to go before, but I’d gotten sick and wasn’t able to attend.  So when the e-mail titled “Turtle racing?” arrived in my inbox last week, I was all over it.

Big Joe's Chicago, IL

Apr 22

Dancing with the Stars: Las Vegas Revue

DWTS exterior

I was in Las Vegas the same weekend “Dancing with the Stars” kicked off its Vegas revue at the Tropicana. Given that I’ve been blogging about the show, I figured the least I could do was stop by and see what it’s about up-close.  What follows are my observations about the show.

Some attendees took the event way to seriously.  Case in point, this woman who was dressed as a disco ball.  

The waitstaff were supposed to be dressed like performers in glitter and sequins, but they didn’t look like ballroom dancers.  Maybe it was the VIP waitress’ tramp stamp awesome decision she’ll never regret in her old age AT ALL.

Jan 14

Miss America doesn’t wear waterproof mascara…

Miss Illinois

You’d think by now that Miss America would have figured out by now that waterproof mascara is the way to go.  The contest has been around for 90 plus years.  But, no – she didn’t get the message.  2012’s Miss America was crowned tonight.  No spoilers here, but I will share the highlights.  The Miss America Pageant has been around since 1921, crowning young women selected to represent the country’s ideal.  What better place to host the pageant than the Las Vegas strip?  That place screams classy and girl-next-door.  This year, there were 53 contestants, which is confusing to me because I thought we had 50 states plus the District of Columbia.