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Feb 11

Bachelor Week 6: I Get It, Tierra – I Can’t Control My Eyebrows, Either.


Photo courtesy of ABC

Sean broke the rules (again) and traveled with the ladies to St. Croix, Virgin Islands.  The girls explored their accommodations just like they always do, “omg!” “Look at the view!” “It smells so new!” Wait, what?  Never before in Bachelor history have the words “it smells so new” been uttered in a hotel room, ever.

The first one-on-one went to AshLee.  Tierra couldn’t hide her jealousy, and called her a cougar, but AshLee let this one roll right off her back. She was on a date with her dream man/future husband!

Jun 20

The Bachelorette: More Fake Traditions, Men in Kilts, and Croatia is ‘Cool as Hell’

Emily and the eight remaining guys spent the week in Dubrovnik, Croatia where master-of-the-obvious Jef made such enlightened statements as, “hey, that looks like a castle!” (while pointing to a castle) and “Croatia is the perfect place to fall in love.” (Yeah, tell that to the people who survived the siege of Dubronvik.) 

This week, the one-on-ones were awarded to nice guy/Ostrich egg-boy Travis and “I want a trophy wife” Ryan, who apparently were the boys in the bubble (but not in the John Travolta movie kind of way).  Emily has agonized over which guys are there for “the right reasons”, who has a “connection,” etc. (If you’re participating in the Bachelorette Drinking Game, go ahead and take a shot.  Only if you’re 21 and over, of course.)