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Jun 25

The Bachelorette: Des Takes the “Ultimate Risk” with a Bunch of Europe Virgins

Photo courtesy of ABC

This season’s been a little, um, bland.  Perhaps because Des is the “everywoman” who doesn’t really have a personality and the majority of the guys are either tattletales or giant tools.   Tonight, we learn that this is THE FIRST TIME Des (and several of the guys) has ever been to Europe, and we’re reminded of that fact no less than a half dozen times.  The guys arrive in Munich wearing their fanciest hoodies because that’s what you wear when you’re looking for love in a foreign land. Michael’s hoodie has the thickest drawstrings I’ve ever seen in my life.

Jun 03

Desiree Asks the Guys If They’re There For the Right Reasons, While Soulja Boy Kisses His Career Goodbye

Photo courtesy of ABC

Photo courtesy of ABC

I just watched the Soulja Boy video on ABC.com and, man – either ABC paid Soulja Boy a shit ton of moolah, or someone at that network has some major dirt on Soulja Boy.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The first date card of the season arrives, and it goes to Brooks, who’s eager to figure out the “ball of mystery” that is Desiree.  (His words, not mine.)  Meantime, back at Desiree’s mansion, she’s sitting at the window sketching ….dresses. (Did she ever draw on Sean’s season of the Bachelor? Because there’s been a LOT of sketching so far.)  It only took two minutes for her to launch into the “this is the a dream come true,” and “I feel like I’m a princess!” spiel.