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Oct 15

DWTS All Stars Week 4: The Dancers Were Uncomfortable and Paula Was (Almost) “Straight Up” Coherent

This week, Paula Abdul was a guest judge on Dancing with the Stars: All Stars.  In case you didn’t know, Paula choreographed for “all the big names” from the Jacksons to ZZ Top.  Wait, what?  ZZ Top?  Like choreographing for ZZ Top would be that difficult.  My grandma could choreograph for those bearded weirdos.

The stars had to perform dances picked for them by their competitors.  Most of the professionals were pretty uncomfortable and there were some tears.

Oct 01

DWTS All Stars Week 2: Overenthusiastic Knees and Apolo Gets Kicked in the Face (Finally)

It’s week two of Dancing with the Stars, and this week, the “All Stars” danced the jive or quickstep.  I guess we should be glad that the Biebs wasn’t performing this week, after the pukefest that was last weekend.  (When is drinking milk before jumping around ever a good idea?  Just ask an infant what happens.)

First up were Melissa and Tony dancing the jive.  Anyone else think she looked like Minnie Mouse in that ridiculous costume?  Either the outfits on this show are silly or non-existent.  Really not a whole lot in between.  They set the tone with a solid 23.5 out of 30.

Sep 25

DWTS Results Show: Bristol Palin’s Ass Gets Its Own Brain, Plus I Call Bullshit.

Cadbury screme egg

Tonight, DWTS premiered its opening and, man, it’s super cheesy.  All the “stars” are attending movie premieres (Pamela Anderson) or reading the newspaper (Emmitt Smith) when they suddenly see the DWTS emblem in the sky signaling to them a la “Batman.”  Then, wherever they are, they rip off their clothes to reveal – SEQUINS!  RHINESTONES!  GLITTER!  Because, really, what are they doing anyway?  Retired athletes, reality TV stars without television shows, Bristol Palin – not exactly working a 9 to 5.

Sep 24

Dancing with the Stars: All Stars — They’re Baaaack!

I can’t believe it’s time for DWTS again.  Didn’t the last season wrap up, like, yesterday?  Seriously, it feels like it did.  So we’re at season 15, 162 so-called “stars” have participated, and a shit-ton of spray tan has been spilled.  I still don’t understand anything Bruno says.  Let’s get some subtitles a la “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”  Pretty please?

There are a few changes this year: for starters, you can vote on Facebook and let the entire world know you’re a tool fan.  Judges can award half points.  And you can get 13 votes per voting method (online or by phone).