Aug 16

The Wrong Chris, or, Why I Should Wait for the Guy to Call

So I’d been texting this guy I met online –we’ll call him Chris – for the last week or two and I’d missed the window to respond to his message where he hinted that he’d like to talk by phone.  The texting was getting a little long because we’re both pretty chatty.  I’ve read “He’s Just Not That Into You” and countless articles that suggest ladies should wait for the guy to call, but I figured, what the heck? I should just text him something cute and see what happens.  So, I did. I texted Chris the following message: “Hope you’re having a great weekend! Let me know if you want to chat so we don’t get arthritis of the thumbs.”  A few minutes later, I got a message back that said, “Sure, I’m around now or later today. Hope you’re having a good weekend!” and included his home phone number.  Sounds good, right? Full steam ahead, right? Wrong.  See, had I been paying attention, I would’ve realized that there were TWO guys named Chris in my cell phone, one from last winter who I forgot to delete. We’ll call him “Michigan Chris.”  This one is “Wisconsin Chris.”  So I called “Chris” and started talking to him and didn’t realize it for a good 15 minutes that it was THE WRONG CHRIS.  By that point, I was in too deep.  I panicked.  So I did what I do best – kept up the chatter until it had been a whole 34 minutes.  I told him I had to go get my laundry, but it was great speaking with him.  He told me he’d call soon.  I can’t imagine what was going through his mind when he read my message about “arthritis of the thumbs.”

Helpful Tip: Be sure to designate guys with a common name with their home state, i.e., Chris MI and Chris WI.


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