Jun 16

Well this makes a lot of sense…

A few weeks ago, as I was walking to work, I noticed a bunch of signs like this one posted on trees.

Chicago, Spring 2012

“This tree gives back $X worth of benefits to our environment over the next year.”  They were posted on literally every tree in the downtown area.  Like, everywhere.  And that got me thinking.  What were these people thinking when they PRINTED THEIR ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY MESSAGE ON PAPER, FROM TREES?  And then, at the bottom, it reads “Every Tree Counts.”  And that’s where they lost me.  If every tree is valuable, then why are they killing some trees to promote their message about the benefits of trees?  Is this tree-sacrifice?  Is one tree more important than, say, another?   And, if so, how is that determined?  The signs weren’t even laminated, so after one rainstorm, they were, in effect, ruined.  Now I get it, it’s not like they could print this on cow hide, because then the PETA folks would be all up in their business.  I just think it’s funny, that’s all.  I wonder, how many trees had to die to bring us this PSA?

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