Sep 03

Cough Drops for Dummies


OK, cough drop manufacturers must really think we’re morons.  I mean, is there really confusion over this?  Hmmm…I wonder what happens if I do the steps out of order?  I have bronchitis, so I’m a little out of it, but come on…really?

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  1. Ann

    Okay so. How do I unwrap the actual drop and then- how do I get it near my throat to catch my cough? What is this-the SAT’s?!?! This is hurting my head. If only I could open the aspirin container….

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    […] manufacturers kicking you when you’re down is just plain mean. Last year, I discovered that cough drop companies think we’re morons.  Hall’s now has a campaign where they offer “a pep talk in every drop!”  Um, I […]

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